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Warning - Do Not Burn Old Rail Sleepers.  

During maintenance and upgrading works on rail tracks in eastern Australia unserviceable timber rail sleepers are regularly replaced by concrete sleepers or new timber sleepers.  Regrettably, some o...

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Are you a smoker? if you are – now is the time to quit.

No, we’re not talking about cigarettes!  We want to put an end to smoky chimneys.

Here at the Firewood Association we love our wood fires, as we are sure you do too.  There ar...

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Firewood is the heating fuel with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent csiro study.

The 2003 CSIRO study  "Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Ga...

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In June 2014 the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) was revised to set a lower greenhouse gas emission rating for residential wood-fire heating.

The change is good news for anyone who has consi...

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The FAA has recently published a report on the 3-year wood smoke reduction project that it carried in The Hills Shire in the north west of metropolitan Sydney.  The project succeeded in achieving its aim, which was to provide councils with a pr...

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